Many of you will know our first version of this famous bird! It was released in 2000 and was designed for FS98/FS2000. We have received many requests to release a new V2 for FS2002. Well, "late arrival" you may say, but here is comes! It was designed as a "State-Of-The-Art" product. You will find features never seen before on any MSFS aircraft (e.g moving Cockpit Crew!) When I designed the website, I compared a foto with a screenshot and in fact mixed up the real photo with the screenshot! (You can see them yourself at the JavaScript running when you click home. Check the two BWIA aircraft. WHich is the foto?). So far to "As real as it gets!" (C) Microsoft

When we started the project, we initially intended just to build a L1011-500. However, life has amended our decision. So there will be two versions:

1) The Lockheed L1011-500. This package comes with the subtitle "Long Range", since the -500 was the only L1011 capable of longhaul flights. (You can still hopp her from KORD to KJFK, if you want!)


2) The Lockheed L1011-200. This package is subtitled "Cargo Overnight". Many -200 have been refurbished into Cargo planes. We have made some of them. Additionally you will get some PAX versions for our friends who want to fly persons during daylight .. :-)

The -500 will shipp in February/March and can be preordered here.

The -200 will shipp shortly after that and can be preordered here.

Both retail for US$ 34,90 each.

The GOOD NEWS: All customers ordering both versions will get a 50% (yes! FIFTY PERCENT!) rebate on the -200! So, if you order the -500 you pay only US$ 17,45 for the -200!